Things to Consider Before You Hire an OpenCart Developer

14 Jun 2022
Things to Consider Before You Hire an OpenCart Developer

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OpenCart, an eCommerce platform, has been gaining a lot of traction lately. As of December 2021, OpenCart powers more than 471,669 eCommerce stores globally.

And why not? OpenCart has built-in SEO features to help you rank higher. It also has the biggest selection of modules and themes to expand your store’s functionality.

However, to build an eCommerce store using OpenCart, you need significant technical knowledge. If you don’t have coding experience, you can hire a dedicated OpenCart developer to develop the online store for you.

But again, you will need to consider various things when hiring an OpenCart developer to get the maximum return on investment.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to hire the right developer for your business. Let’s get started.

#1. Set Your Budget

There are developers who charge $100/hour. There are also developers who charge $1000/hour. It all depends on their skills and experience. Also, if a developer is certified for OpenCart development, the charges can increase further.

So, it is crucial to set your budget before looking for an OpenCart developer.

When you hire an OpenCart development agency, the cost could increase further. But you benefit from a team of experts that include designers, developers, and quality analysts (which you won’t get when hiring an individual developer).

This brings us to our next point.

#2. Decide Whether You Need a Freelancer or an Agency

As mentioned above, freelancers charge less than OpenCart development agencies.

If you are a small business that wants a decent eCommerce website and has a limited budget, a freelancer can meet your expectations.

However, if you need an advanced website that leverages the latest technologies (like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, etc.), you will need an agency with a team of developers.

But apart from the price, there are various advantages and disadvantages of hiring freelancers or an agency.

Advantages of hiring a freelancer for OpenCart development

  • Cost-effective
  • Access to top-tier talent as there’s no geographic limitation.
  • They can bring a fresh perspective to your project due to their range of experience.

Disadvantages of hiring a freelancer for OpenCart development

  • The chances of them ghosting you in the middle of the project is relatively high.
  • You are more likely to face communication issues, especially if you live in a region with a different time zone.
  • Even with necessary certifications, they might not be highly skilled in every aspect of OpenCart development (jack of all trades, master of none).

Advantages of hiring an OpenCart development agency

  • You get a team of experts (designers, developers, and testers) for your project. Their skills and experience combined can significantly benefit you.
  • A reputed OpenCart development agency will never abandon your project in the middle.
  • You also get maintenance and support after project completion.
  • They can deliver your project in less time compared to freelancers.

Disadvantages of hiring an OpenCart development agency

  • They usually charge more than freelancers. But the increased costs are justified.

In a nutshell, an OpenCart development agency is any day better than freelancers. However, if you have a limited budget and a simple requirement, hiring a freelancer is an ideal choice.

#3. Check Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials

When hiring a dedicated OpenCart developer, make sure to read reviews, ratings, and testimonials. The same goes for agencies.

This will help you understand how people who have taken their services feel. As a rule of thumb, if you see only “5-star ratings” and all praise words, this could be a red flag.

In the case of a freelancer, visit their LinkedIn profile to understand how active they are on the platform and look for recommendations on their profile. Also, check their posts to understand their experience with OpenCart development.

In the case of an OpenCart development agency, look at their website. You will most likely find various testimonials. You should also search for the agency on Google to check third-party reviews and ratings to get an unbiased view.

#4. Analyze Their Portfolio

Irrespective of whether you are hiring an agency or a freelance OpenCart developer, it is crucial to review their portfolio. This will help determine if they are the right choice for your project.

By analyzing their portfolio, you can understand:

  • If their expertise matches their word.
  • The number of similar projects they have completed.
  • Their proficiency in the OpenCart platform.

#5. Ask the Right Questions

Last but not least, you need to as the right questions to prevent issues at a later stage. Make sure to ask the following questions to hire the right developer for your project.

  • How long have you been developing websites using OpenCart?
  • What are your specialties (theme development, plugin development, etc.)?
  • What tools do you use while working on OpenCart projects?
  • What was your biggest challenge during OpenCart development, and how did you solve it?
  • How do you test for bugs and performance issues?
  • How do you ensure SEO-friendliness while developing websites?

Wrapping Up

Hiring an OpenCart developer requires you to analyze their skills and experience carefully. Make sure to read reviews and testimonials to understand how they have handled projects in the past. Also, ask the right questions to test their knowledge.

If you’re still looking for OpenCart developers, we’re here to help. We have been developing OpenCart websites for more than 8 years. Our experts can build a custom OpenCart website for you without hurting your budget.

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