Figma to WordPress Theme: The Ultimate Guide to Conversion and Its Cost

27 May 2024 9 Min Read
Figma to WordPress Theme: The Ultimate Guide to Conversion and Its Cost

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Earlier, people used to visit stores to buy things, but now they only need a smartphone and an internet connection. That is the power of a website! It allows you to reach a wider audience in a short span of time. WordPress is a great way to develop a seamless website that speaks to your brand. But a simple website is not enough these days, and the basic web development process poses certain limitations. 

The audience loses interest in slow-loading websites, and the statistics say the same. Forbes states that 47% of the users don’t want to wait more than 20 seconds for the website to load. This explains the value of an optimized and fast-loading website. A good design tool like Figma allows drag-and-drop options, numerous layouts, editing tools, and more that ensure the creation of an interactive website design. This design can later be accurately converted into an optimized website. That is what we are going to learn in this blog: from Figma to WordPress conversion to the cost and other related factors. Sit tight as we embark on this journey. 

A brief overview of Figma

Beginning with the basics, Figma is a famous design platform that helps in building engaging and attractive designs for websites and applications. It offers several tools that make the design process quick and efficient. It allows designers to create prototypes, which are real demonstrations of how the website will look in reality. Figma’s cloud-based access makes it a perfect fit for projects that require team collaboration. Figma design files are exported in ‘Figma’ format, which is later converted into a coded website. 

What is Figma to WordPress Conversion?

The Figma to WordPress service involves converting the website design file into a functional WordPress theme website. While the process seems simple, it involves several complexities that can only be solved with the help of an expert developer. The best method of maintaining design-website accuracy is by manually writing the code for the WordPress website to ensure nothing is mixed. We can also try WordPress page builders for quick development. 

Benefits of converting Figma to WordPress

You must be wondering why you should convert Figma to WordPress at all when you can easily hire a development company to do it the traditional way. Creating a web3-compliant website with high loading speed and interactive design is not a cakewalk. But the Figma to WordPress service gives you a cutting-edge website by following the right protocols. Here are the main reasons that make Figma to WordPress conversion a go-to service:

#1. Design of your choice

WordPress themes are not always your choice. But Figma's design features go deep into the core of the website details to ensure the overall look of the website is brand-specific. Figma offers tools such as color scheme, typography, and layout to help create an outstanding and stunning design that captures your brand's identity. This adaptability translates to WordPress as well, whereby it is an easy process to implement the Figma designs without incurring any compromise on their original vision. This gives your site a look that is not only visually pleasing but also typical of your brand, creating a strong and recognizable online image.

#2. Higher customer interaction

With the plethora of WordPress plugins and features, one can build individual interactions with their customers. This can be done by, for example, offering the possibility for your customers to contact you with ease through contact forms or by allowing them to share your content and engage with your brand on various social media platforms. These elements make for an interactive and dynamic website, which is the key driver of visitor engagement with your content, resulting in higher brand loyalty and customer engagement.

#3. Creating a brand name

A website created by the conversion process of Figma to WordPress not only attracts customers but also boosts brand loyalty. A consistent and user-friendly website experience on every digital platform builds brand recognition and gathers the trust of customers. This is because the creation of such relationships contributes to the rise of consumer loyalty and advocacy, since they prefer to interact with a brand that they trust and feel an emotional connection to.

The correct process of converting Figma to WordPress

There are multiple processes that help convert Figma to WordPress. Some of them require you to have adequate knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Below is a breakdown of the conversion process.

The correct process of converting Figma to WordPress

Step 1. Design creation

The website design was created using Figma software. Everything that adds to the visual appeal of the website is added at this stage. Fonts and typefaces, background color, images, icons, graphics, forms, navigation menus, etc. are part of a website design, and these are created on Figma by a professional designer. 

Step 2. Element segregation

The design components are separated from each other, so their individual codes can be written or generated based on the process you follow. 

Step 3. Code writing and generation

Now that your design elements are separated, it is time to create the code, which is later added to the WordPress theme template. There are two ways in which you can get a code of your choice:

➤ Manual coding: This is a little complicated and time-consuming process, but experts prefer to manually write code to reduce errors. In this method, a trained coder will write the HTML code for each design element, giving precise conversion results. This also ensures the code can be customized later as you already have the source code at your disposal, which may not be the case when you generate the code using a plugin. 

➤ Figma to HTML and WordPress plugins: Figma offers various plugins that allow the export of HTML code from Figma itself. You can select different layers of the design to get a separate code for each design element. Once this is done, you can use the HTML to WP plugin to upload the code to a WordPress theme. 

Step 4. WordPress integration and page setup

On the WordPress template, create the template files and integrate the code into these files. This is followed by adding WordPress functionality to website pages. 

Step 5. Testing and optimization

The final WordPress website is tested for functionality and on different browsers. Its speed is checked to ensure that all images and graphics are loading at a fast speed. It is optimized and improved based on the shortcomings to get a final version. 

How do you choose the right Figma to WordPress service partner?

There are professional agencies that deliver high-end Figma-to-WordPress conversion services. They exist to make the process smooth like butter for you, so your finally created website is user-friendly, functional, and efficient. But choosing the best one out of a myriad of options is no fun game. To make the selection easier for you, here are some tips to follow:

How do you choose the right Figma to WordPress service partner

#1. Service expertise

Choose a service provider with skills in both Figma and WordPress, as well as a grasp of the finer nuances of web design, including web development best practices. They should be ready to provide examples of their past projects as well as client testimonials as proof of their proficiency.

#2. Previous projects

Evaluate the service provider's past projects to ensure the quality of their previous work. Find out about projects that share a similar profile with your own so as to assess their potential. You can always explore the agency’s portfolio by visiting their website. 

#3. Team details

Ask about the team members involved in your project, their experience, and their qualifications. Make sure that the team has the required competencies to effectively handle the project. A dedicated team of trained professionals has better chances of delivering quality services. 

#4. Non-disclosure agreement

Make sure the service partner agrees to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in order to ensure your project's confidentiality and the protection of its intellectual property. Keeping your data and project information confidential is important in a competitive market.

#5. Communication policy

Check your service partner's communication policy, including the frequency of updates on progress and a policy of problem resolution. Verify in advance that they follow proper communication channels to keep clients updated on the project. 

Convert your Figma design to WordPress with PSDtoHTMLNinja

PSDtoHTMLNinja is a renowned conversion agency that offers prestigious Figma to WordPress conversion services. We possess over 11 years of experience in several conversion solutions catering to diverse clients. They can convert your Figma design into an extensive and professional website that loads faster and brings in more traffic. Here are the unique offerings that make PSDtoHTMLNinja a perfect conversion partner:

Convert your Figma design to WordPress with PSDtoHTMLNinja

1. Hand coding

For clients who prefer a professionally written code, the company offers hand-coding services. There is no use of plugins or third-party software to generate code for the design. Manually writing the code ensures accurate conversion and total ownership. You can make customizations whenever you feel the website needs some changes, all because the source code is always available. 

2. Quick order process

PSDtoHTMLNinja believes in time-efficient solutions. You can directly place the conversion service order through our website, with no hassle of back-to-back emails. The process is very easy and simple; you add all relevant details like your contact number, name, email, file size, number of pages, etc. Then click on the ‘Order Now’ icon, and the team will get back with a proposal. 

3. Pixel-perfect conversion

Maintaining design accuracy in the website is the most difficult task when it comes to Figma to WordPress conversion, and not all service providers can achieve that. PSDtoHTMLNinja pledges to place client satisfaction over everything else. This is why our highly trained developers and coders use the latest resources to achieve guaranteed accuracy in design and website conversion.

4. 4.8-star rating

PSDtoHTMLNinja is rated 4.8 stars with 98% client satisfaction for their conversion services. We also have a 96% rating for repeat businesses. 


Wrapping up

Websites are more than coded structures; they portray the brand to customers in the right direction. Your website may have all the required features, but the audience would still not resonate with it. That is where the website design comes into play. A perfectly designed WordPress website gives the feel of authenticity to the audience, creating a solid brand value.

The Figma to WordPress service offers numerous benefits like customization, Web 3 compliance, accessibility across different browsers, and more. Being a renowned Figma to WordPress conversion agency, PSDtoHTMLNinja excels in pixel-perfect conversion, unmatched customer support, and industry experience. Give your static Figma design a live experience by fusing it with a WordPress template.

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