How to Convert Figma to Wordpress With Ease: A Step-By-Step Guide

24 Jan 2024 10 Min Read
How to Convert Figma to Wordpress With Ease: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Figma and WordPress both are pioneers in their respective fields. One gives you mindblowing website designs and the other brings them to life in the form of a website. The world has over 5.3 billion internet users, which means almost all businesses can leverage the internet or website to reach a wider audience. But how do you do that if you have the design but no one to convert it into a full-fledged WordPress website?

The Figma to WordPress conversion service is taking the market by storm. The process is smooth, but it requires the help of an expert service provider. When you have a design in Figma format, you can easily export the design file. But the real task comes in the form of website development. You can find a number of conversion companies that can help convert Figma files to WordPress websites. If you think you need to convert a Figma design into a functional WordPress website, then this guide can take you through the entire process and its various aspects in detail.

Introducing Figma And Wordpress

Figma and WordPress are two different things that can work together to give you an optimized website. Figma is a cloud-based software that allows designers to create web designs. Clients or business owners can explain their requirements to professional designers who work accordingly on Figma. In short, Figma helps you create website prototypes to make you aware of how the website will look once it is ready.

WordPress, on the other hand, is used to develop a website based on the design created on Figma. It is a content management system that plays a crucial role in easy website development.

Aspects of Figma to WordPress Conversion Steps

Figma software and WordPress platform help in the various steps of creating a wonderful website for your business. Before moving further, a discussion on the major aspects of the Figma to WordPress conversion is essential. This helps in identifying if the service is best suited for your requirements.

  • The Figma tool allows multiple designers and experts to simultaneously work on a project.
  • It gives you a prototype of the website, which you can analyze to ensure the design matches your expectations.
  • A person with a limited knowledge of coding can also develop a website using WordPress.
  • WordPress offers various developmental tools that simplify the development process.

Step-by-step conversion process of Figma to WordPress 

Just like a conventional web development process, Figma to WordPress conversion is a bit challenging, especially when you do not have prior experience in website development. But don't worry; we tried to make things easier so you could understand the whole process better. Here, we will discuss the three most popular ways of converting a Figma design to a WordPress website:

#1. Two-step conversion

Many programmers use this method, where they first change the Figma design into HTML code, which is then turned into a WordPress theme. Even though this may seem a bit much, you can get the right results by learning HTML or getting help from an expert. Here is how this method works:

I: The first step is to change the simple design into HTML code. You can get assistance with a tool or do the coding by yourself. You have to download a basic HTML template by signing in on Figma.

II: The HTML files are designed using the template, which gives you a highly unique and optimized design.

III: Now your website needs an impressive appearance. This can be achieved with a WordPress theme, which involves creating a new theme from scratch. Website layout, including header, body, footer, etc., is developed at this stage.

Also, take a look at our other tutorial, How to Convert Figma to WordPress Theme, if you wish to know more about building a custom WordPress theme.

#2. Conversion using a page builder

It is advised to gather a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML before commencing this conversion method. But first, what is a page builder? Page builders are plugins used in WordPress. They help in quickly creating custom pages, eliminating the need for manual coding. They have in-built elements that are operated through a drag-and-drop operational method.

The only drawback with using page builders to create a WordPress website is that the process slows down your website, meaning your pages take more time to load. This particular aspect may not land in your favor, as today's audience is highly impatient and nobody likes to use a slow-loading website.

#3. Figma to WordPress conversion service provider

The third and most convenient way of getting your Figma design converted to an optimized and SEO-ready WordPress website is by hiring a service provider. Since these are industry professionals, they successfully deliver a high-end website in a minimum amount of time. An expert Figma to WordPress conversion company can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Trained coders make a clean and fast website code for you.
  • The website development process is done quickly because the service provider can use all the tools at their disposal.
  • The process is better and quicker.
  • You get help after the website is launched, which handles everything that happens afterwards.
  • The WordPress website created by a service provider gives you post-launch maintenance benefits, ensuring smooth website functioning.

The process these professionals follow include:

#Step 1: Analyzing the design file and then slicing each design element. 

#Step 2: After slicing, the design components are converted into codes.

#Step 3: You now need to create a theme folder on WordPress after selecting a suitable WordPress theme.

#Step 4: All PHP files are created in various sections of the theme. This also involves converting HTML to PHP. 

#Step 5: Design elements that were styles with CSS and JavaScript are enqueued with the help of WordPress features. 

#Step 6: Finally, the WordPress theme is tested and uploaded; ready to function. 

How to Get a Great Website With Figma to WordPress Conversion Method? 

Your competitors already have a website, so why does it make you better? That is where you need to use your creativity. There is a big difference between making a website and creating one that is trendy for users. If you pick the second choice, Figma for WordPress can definitely assist you. Apart from delivering fast-loading websites, the conversion process offers many other benefits:

#1 Compatibility with complex projects: Figma is a well-known system that helps finish big website projects successfully. It has many graphic and vector tools for making appealing, functional designs in the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

#2 Fast-loading web pages: Figma to WordPress conversion is a proven method for developing highly responsive websites. This reduces the loading time, giving your online audience a reason to stay and explore your web portfolio.

#3 Online collaboration: Figma allows multiple editors or designers to work on the same project. This advantage is offered because of the software’s cloud-based feature, which stores everything in the cloud. Whatever changes are made to the design, they are automatically saved on the cloud, making it easily available to all the editors working on it.

#4 Prototyping is probably: the most loved aspect of Figma that leads to the creation of wonderful websites. You get to create a prototype of your website design, giving you a clear-cut idea of how the website will look with that particular design.

#5 Ready-to-use themes: WordPress offers ready-made themes that can be tweaked to create a simple website. This benefit works in favor of those wanting to create a basic website with little or no help from expert coders.

#6 Market leaders: Both Figma and WordPress are market leaders in their specific fields. That gives us another reason to try Figma and WordPress. People usually use WordPress to develop Figma designs as blueprints.

What Are The Qualities Of An Expert Figma-To-Wordpress Conversion Provider?

Finding a reliable and trustworthy website development company that offers high-class Figma to WordPress conversion is a dream come true. You can consider the following qualities while filtering out the best service provider out of a myriad of options:

1. Has an established portfolio

While a service provider may show you their various projects, you should specifically ask for the websites that were created using Figma and WordPress. This provides an overview of their understanding of the two software programs.

2. A trained and experienced staff

The company you are considering should have a staff that knows its expertise. A trained developer and designer will deliver optimum results in terms of quality and efficiency. Make sure to hire a service provider that has a team of excellent professionals.

3. Provides a guarantee

An established and reputed software development company will not only deliver the project on time, but you can also expect a guarantee of timely delivery. The ones offering the guarantee are highly confident in their work and timeline.

Usually Asked Questions

Clients always have additional questions, and we totally understand that. Here is a compilation of the frequently asked questions on Figma to WordPress Conversion.

1️⃣ What are your charges for converting Figma to WordPress websites?

The total cost is decided based on the design file, whether you want a manually coded website, WordPress themes, customization, etc. We generally conduct a call with the client to understand their requirements before quoting a price. Rest assured, PSD to HTML Ninja has reasonable pricing solutions.

2️⃣ Are Figma designs worth my time and money?

Absolutely. Figma is a renowned web design tool that encompasses the design sphere by offering some code conversion options. Figma to WordPress conversion is all the rage in the market, offering several benefits.

3️⃣ How does Figma work?

Figma is an easy-to-use software that offers various features that help with web design. Designers can create website prototypes that give clients an overview of how the website will look with a specific design. A design created on Figma is either exported or converted into basic code by the software itself.

4️⃣ Does Figma generate HTML code?

There are no in-built options in Figma that can convert the design into HTML or CSS codes. But you can certainly use plugins that can do the work for you. Simply type on Google ‘Figma plugin for code’ and you will get ample results.

Wrapping Up

The Figma to WordPress conversion process is an unbeatable method of getting a high-quality website developed from a design of your choice. The journey towards a stable and responsive website becomes even more worthwhile if you hire a conversion service provider.

You may find many options when you type on a search engine the best Figma to WordPress conversion company. One of the most popular and trusted service providers is PSD to HTML Ninja. We possess over a decade of experience with more than 500 satisfied clients.

Your satisfaction and appreciation are our motivation! Our team consists of trained professionals, including designers, developers, coders, etc. Our high-end resources and quality staff have allowed us to complete over 2500 projects well on time. Apart from Figma to WordPress, we offer a pool of other services like PSD to HTML, Figma to HTML, PSD to Joomla, OpenCart, Magento, and the list goes on.

When we say that PSDtoHTMLNinja is your one-stop solution, we totally abide by our words. You are welcome to view our portfolio to get a better understanding of our amazing past work. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for project queries and price quotes.

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