How to Export Your Figma Design to HTML Code Using

07 Feb 2024
How to Export Your Figma Design to HTML Code Using

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Figma to HTML is a popular method of getting a functional and seamlessly coded HTML website in the minimum amount of time. Businesses want more customers, and the best way to do that is through a website. Most companies already have a website design with them, but they lack the expertise and resources to convert that design into a coded website.

If you are also stuck in that dilemma, then hiring a professional and reliable Figma to HTML conversion service provider like PSD to HTML Ninja can serve you well. We created this guide blog to further nourish your understanding of Figma to HTML conversion and what makes a hand-coded Figma to HTML conversion better than using plugins and other tools. Sit tight as we are about to unravel the secret sauce behind transforming static Figma designs into moving and attractive websites.

Quick Overview: What is Figma to HTML conversion?

Figma to HTML code is a conversion process that helps in converting Figma design elements into HTML codes for a launch-ready website. The method is widely used for quickly launching a customized website that has a design of the client’s choice. The basic breakdown of the conversion process includes getting a Figma design and then exporting it. The design is then broken down into segments. The developer converts each design element into HTML code. They also use plugins to remove the manual work, but that can cause machine errors and bugs.

Figma to HTML conversion is done in many ways:

➤ Using plugins to directly convert the design elements into HTML codes

➤ Manually coding each element so there is no room for errors

➤ Using third-party tools for converting

How do you export Figma to HTML code at PSD to HTML Ninja?

PSD to HTML Ninja believes in delivering error-less results, which is why we manually convert your Figma design. Most Figma to HTML conversion service providers use plugins that lead to low-quality codes and delayed project delivery.

PSD to HTML Ninja follows a rather optimized and powerful approach. The service provider makes ordering the service pretty easy for their clients. All you need to do is complete three simple steps, and you will get all the details through a response from our support team.

1️⃣ Select your service: Step 1 involves selecting the service you want help with. In this case, you can select Figma to HTML conversion.

2️⃣ Enter the total pages: Step 2 requires you to enter the total number of pages your design file has. This helps in finding the right price for the project. The higher the number of pages in a Figma file, the costlier the conversion process will be. We charge $159 for converting a homepage and $99 for each inner page.

3️⃣ Details section: The third and final step asks you to enter some basic details like your name, email address, phone number, project name, design link, etc. You also get to share your notes or descriptions with us by typing them in a note box we provide.

You are now ready to proceed by simply clicking on the Place Order tab. After completing this process, our experts carefully analyze your Figma design file and get back with an estimated project timeline and total conversion cost.

Why is a manually coded website better?

When you hire a company to convert your Figma design into a website, they either use plugins to get the code or they get it written by an expert developer or coder. The latter option is preferred over the former one for obvious reasons. First, it brings expertise to the table, and second, the process leaves no room for error.

Unlike many other companies that convert the design to code using plugins, PSD to HTML Ninja follows a more proactive approach, i.e., hand coding. We employ our best coders to write the code for your Figma design elements, bringing impressive and flawless results. Here is a better rundown on plugin-generated code vs. hand-written code:

  • Prompt results: In manual hand coding, You always have the option of consulting the service provider in case there is an error in the code. This leads to timely and quick resolutions, whereas it becomes impossible to correct code written using a tool or plugin.
  • Uniqueness: A machine is still a machine; it cannot bring authenticity and uniqueness to your website. It will deliver the same code to many other users using a similar design as yours. But a developer uses creativity and strategy to develop code that gives your website a touch of singularity so it stands out.
  • Code improvement: Hand-coding also ensures maintenance and scalability. With the whole codebase clearly understood, developers can easily update, revise, or redefine the entire website. This level of control is essential for long-term sustainability and flexibility, particularly as the website develops to conform to shifting business demands.
  • Troubleshooting: Hand-coding requires a better understanding of web development principles. Developers have to identify the core languages, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, from which they are able to configure a perfect solution for troubleshooting. This information is critical in building a customized website that does not have all the bloated code and other unfortunate events usually associated with generic plugin-generated code.

Why choose us for converting Figma to code?

Users have varying requirements, but there are a few fixed aspects that influence their decision to stay on a website. One, it should be fast because nobody in this busy world has time for a slow-loading website. Two, the website should be relevant to the potential audience. Apart from that, it should be bug-free and should also be SEO-optimized so the website reaches the right audience. PSD to HTML Ninja ticks on all these boxes. Here is what makes us a perfect choice for Figma to HTML conversion:

🡆 Hand-coded websites

Instead of using tools, we decided to rely on our trained and experienced developers to manually convert the design elements into HTML codes. Sure, it is a bit of a long process, but it saves time from going back and forth in case of error codes, which usually happen when you use plugins for conversion.

🡆 SEO optimization

In this battle for more views and traffic, you can only win with an SEO-optimized website. A trusted Figma to HTML conversion company keeps all SEO guidelines in mind while developing your website. From adding longtail and short tail keywords to hyperlinking, meta titles for images, etc. SEO compliance makes your website more powerful!

🡆 Fast loading speed

Your viewers’ attention span is brief; a quick scan, and off they go. However, a responsive website, i.e., one that loads fast, can change this game for you. Professionally converted HTML websites load equally fast on multiple devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even smart televisions.

🡆 Market-driven costs

PSD to HTML Ninja charges just the right amount for converting Figma to HTML. Their fees for converting a homepage are $159 and $99 for one inner page. An expert conversion service provider creates a striking balance between delivering quality services and price tagging.

Other methods of exporting Figma designs to HTML

Numerous developers can help you with Figma to HTML conversion. They adopt distinct methods for carrying out this process. As discussed earlier, the two most common ones include writing the code manually and using plugins. We have created a brief introduction for each of those methods:

1️⃣ Use of frameworks: Various conversion service providers use third-party frameworks like Bootstrap that help in quick code conversion. But this method limits your customization options and is only suitable for simple and basic websites.

2️⃣ CMS integration: Another popular procedure involves integrating CMS like WordPress, where one can select a suitable theme that matches their website design.

3️⃣ Plugins and tools: As mentioned previously, several plugins and tools are available that quickly generate the code for your Figma design. But codes generated using these plugins are not suitable for complex websites as they are highly susceptible to errors.

4️⃣ Manual coding by experienced developers: A widely used method, hand coding is preferred by the majority of clients and conversion providers alike. It has almost no room for errors as the code undergoes multiple rounds of testing. The method also allows flexibility in terms of customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your price quotations for the Figma to HTML conversion service?

Our charges involve a per-page model, where a homepage will cost you $159 and $99 for each inner page. So, the exact cost will depend on the total number of pages your Figma design file has. Our transparent pricing structure speaks volumes about our dedication to satisfying clients.

Which one is better: PSD or Figma for design?

Both design formats come with their own specific merits and demerits. PSD, or Photoshop design, is an industry standard practice, and it offers various advanced features that make the website design highly appealing. But it doesn’t offer real-time collaboration. Figma, on the other hand, lets multiple experts collaborate on a single project. It also provides a prototype that helps in analyzing the look and feel of the website much before it is developed.

How do you export Figma to HTML?

We follow a progressive approach to our work. We never use any plugins for Figma to export HTML. Our experienced and high-end designers manually write the code to make the project a big success.

Wrapping up

Wisely opting for PSD to HTML Ninja for Figma to HTML conversion is a decision reinforced by the hand-coded expertise, SEO optimization, fast loading speeds, and market-oriented prices. Our goal of providing a perfect, fast, and SEO-friendly website also coincides with the ever-changing nature of the digital world. In this blog, we have also discussed other ways of converting Figma to HTML, including frameworks and CMS integrations, as well as the disadvantages related to plugins and tools.

Attention to detail during design-to-code conversion is essential. PSD to HTML Ninja excels as a trustworthy ally to close the gap between design dreams and a fully functional website. We are a leading company for those who prefer manual coding and SEO optimization, which allows us to achieve fast loading speeds as well as market-driven costs.

Our quick and easy project order process is the cherry on top of the cake. All you need to do is click on Order Now and enter the basic details. Our experts will get in touch with you as soon as possible, and your idea will be turned into a real-life project.

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